Tourist Attraction In Japan

Tour to Japan may be one tour or the tour of the most fun in your life. Japan has strong cultural, tourist sights are nice, and also of modern life.

Here are some tourist places in Japan that may have you visit if you do a tour to Japan, either alone or with a package tour tour to Japan.


Located in the middle of Tokyo Bay on reclaimed land, Ariake is a large open area decorated with monolithic, futuristic building. Building and landscape scale is mind-boggling. All the forests have been transplanted, and the project is still in development. At the center of the picture, you can see the difference that a few years can make. You can get into the Ariake Yurikamome line method of Shimbashi. This automated shuttle train which runs on rubber tires. If you intend to get on and off more than once, 800 yen through the day is a good deal. In 2003, a new train lines, Rinkai-sen, ranging from service to O-Daiba/Ariake Osaki. Although much faster than the Yurikamome, 10-minute train ride still costs 320 yen!

Also in this area is the Fuji Television Building. This is actually located at a place called O-Daiba, along with a large shopping / restaurant complex called decks. A lot of construction going on so this is an area to watch. There’s even a small replica of the Statue of Liberty here.
In 1999, another shopping center called Town palette opened at O-Daiba. Along with the amusement park and exhibition space for Toyota, there are shopping centers catering to women is called “Venus Fort”. I’ve been told that he resembles the Forum in Las Vegas. In 2000, the Aqua City Mall opened in the side deck



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